Hi, and welcome to Passport to Atlantis.

The purpose of this website is to act as a repository of various kinds of information regarding the true history of this planet.

What makes it different from the thousands of other sites around the web that deal with similar subjects? Well, for one, it's probably going to be more complete than most of them. I read a lot and I'm going to be constantly updating the site as soon as I learn new things. This is going to be a long-term project. Secondly, it's going to be written for an open-minded but rational audience. I've noticed that there seem to be two main attitudes towards so-called 'alternative history': blind acceptance and blind denial. I'll try to avoid both.

I'm also going to make some changes to the html and css files to make the site prettier. But for now it's empty and ugly, just like me.


30/4/17 Passport to Atlantis is born.

28/4/17 I join Neocities.